Wixel Android app Review


In the Wixel Android app you will be able to play in a virtual Boggle board and see how many word combinations that you can come up with before your timer runs out. The more words you can find and the longer that they are, the higher the score.


  • In this word game you will be presented with a grid that has a bunch of letter inside of it. In order to get high scores you will have to slide your fingers over the letters and create a variety of words. The more words you create and the longer the words are, the higher your score is going to be
  • You will also be timed in the game, so you will have to get as many words as you can before the timer runs out
  • There is a multiplayer mode where you will be able to compete with other players online and see how you fare against other people. This is a great way to test how smart you are
  • There is also a progressive mode that is pretty difficult because you have to find every possible word combination before you can move on to the next level
  • The dictionary included in this app is also huge, it contains over 180,000 words.
  • There are few different game boards you can play with including the four by four grids and the five by five grids


Word games are all the buzz right now in the puzzle game world. Wixel is one of the best games because it is very similar to the game Boggle (which we all know is one of the funnest word games ever created). In this game you will be able to take a grid of letters and try to create words by dragging your finger over them. The more words you can create from the grid, the more points you will get. When you get words that have more letters included then you will get an even bigger score. Anything over 4 letters is going to be worth more points and will you get you farther in beating your opponents. There is a progressive mode in Wixel which is also a lot of fun because it will actually force you to find all of the different word combinations available before it will allow you to progress on to the next level. If you can’t find the words then you have the option to look up the words you missed after the game is completed. The user interface that is included in the app is actually pretty advanced and the game play modes are also very unique so this word app is actually quite a cut above the rest.

This game has been given a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars and you can download it onto your Android for no cost at all.