WordsWorth iPhone app Review


In the WordsWorth iPhone app you will be able to test your wits and vocabulary against the challenging levels that you are put up against.


  • There are a few different game modes that you can try out as you are playing the game. You can go with the classic mode where you just play through each level, the timed mode where you see how fast you can complete the levels, and also the Tumble mode
  • There are also two different gameplay modes that you can try out. You can play the single player games or you can decide to do the multiplayer games so that you can play against your other friends
  • There is a pretty cool rating system that has been set up for the game as well. You will be rated according to the relative skills of the other players that are playing the game. You get to pit yourself against the best
  • There is also a cool little area of the app called the game center achievements. You can see all of the different achievements that you have unlocked while you were playing. You will also get to see the leader boards and see where you rank among the other top players who are playing the game regularly
  • There are a few different grids that you will be able to choose from including ones the are four by four, five by five, six by six, and even the really big ones that are seven by seven
  • As you complete the different levels that are presented to you, you will also be able to do it with a bunch of different rankings. This adds some depth and variety to the game
  • There are a lot of different word lists that you can choose from as you are beginning to play the game. You can pick from SOWPODS, ENABLE, and also the TWL word lists
  • If you want to see how you compare to people from all over the world then you can just quickly get on the Global Leader Boards that are available
  • Last of all you can see how the app itself was created. This is kind of a fun and cool feature that you can check ou


If you love words and think you have a pretty impressive vocabulary, then you should take your chances on the Wordsworth iPhone app. You will be able to work with a few different grids and unlock all kinds of achievements as you have stellar performances. There are a few different modes in the game and you can also play against other people with the multiplayer option.

This app has been given a great rating of 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users. You will be able to purchase this app and download it onto your phone for the price of $1.99.