WordWrench Android app Review


With the WordWrench Android app you will be able to create a bunch of different anagrams from the letters that are provided on the screen. Hours of word scrambling fun.


  • This is a fun anagram game that allows you to take letters and put them together to create words that have a combination of 3,4,5 and 6 letter words
  • In order to be able to progress to the next level of the game you have to at least find a six letter word among all of the possible combinations
  • In order to mix up the letters to help your mind formulate new words, there is a wrench feature. You can either press the wrench button or you can press the space key or even just shake the phone to rearrange letters
  • You can use either the touch screen options, the trackball options, or even the controls on the keyboard in order to type in letters and create words
  • You can also view the game in a variety of different ways, including the portrait and the landscape modes
  • This game will also allow you to listen to some sounds and will also vibrate at times


If you love anagrams then you are sure to love this game. You will be given certain letters and you will have to find words that have combinations of 3,4,5 and 6 letters. You will have to be able to rack your brain to put them together in the correct order and you will be able to switch up the letters to help give you some better ideas on what words are available. This rearranging of letters is called “Wrenching” so all you have to do is just press the wrench button, shake the phone, or press the space key in order to mix and match them and help you do better. One of the other great things about the app is that you can use it in either the landscape or portrait views, depending on how you want to hold the phone. There are also a lot of keyboard tips that you can take into consideration in order to help you to get better at the game and make sure that you can quickly and accurately enter the words within the time limit. If you love word games then this is a must have on your Android phone.

This app has been given a user rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars by Android app users and reviewers and can currently be downloaded onto your phone for free.