xScope Browser Android app Review


You can’t have a smartphone without a smart browser. One of the main features of having a smartphone is being able to cruise around the internet and look up your favorite sites and have access to information no matter where you are. With the xScope Browser Android app you will not only get a browser that allows you to have tabbed browsing, video downloading, and pinch zoom, but it is also a task killer.


  • This is a web browser for the Android and it is great because it is completely loaded with awesome features. It has a free version with banner ads but there is also a paid version that offers no ads but does add some extra features that are not available with the free version
  • Not only can you browse through web pages and see the internet right from your phone, this app also doubles as a task killer so you can help save battery life
  • When you are browsing online you will also see that you can open a few different tabs at the same time which is different than most other web browsers on the Android
  • You can download information including videos. This means that you can get onto YouTube and download all of your favorite videos in different resolutions
  • With the paid version you will have the opportunity to save even more favorites onto your browser so that you don’t have to type them in each time that you get on
  • You can also open any files that have been sent to you or send files yourself right from the browser
  • You can see the user agent for each domain name that you come across
  • You can put files into a zip folder to be able to make it easier for organization as well as sending the information
  • You can take screenshots of different screens as well as share url’s and files all across the browser
  • This app also lets you take full advantage of the multi touch user interface. You can use the pinch zoom as well as the double tap
  • You can get full access to the search areas, the bookmarks, the sharing options, the pinch zoom and other advanced features that are available


This is a pretty all inclusive web browser for the Android market. The ability to have tabbed browsing, saved YouTube videos, and a task killer all in one is a great way to sell an app. The only gripe with this app is that there are a few different versions on the app Market so it can be confusing as to which of the options is actually the right one to get.

This app has been voted a 4.4 out of 5 stars by multiple Android users and is considered one of the best mobile browsers for the Android. It is also free to download off of the online app market, or you can get the full version which will cost $2.99.