Yahoo! Finance iPhone app Review


If you have been on the internet lately then you know how respected the Yahoo! Finance section of the website is. Now you can get it right onto your phone to be able to create graphs and compare different market trends and also customize your stocks so that you always know what’s going on in the industry.


  • This app is loaded with all of the great features that the online site offers. One of the popular tabs is that of the My Quotes section where you can actually go through and organize all of your stocks
  • There is also a market summary section where you will get up-to-date and customized news from Yahoo! that gives you the market conditions on any given day
  • There is also a video section where you can see some tech tickers. This is great because you will get financial news throughout the week and analysis from the people behind Yahoo! Finance
  • There is also real time data that shows you stuff about after hours. This is great because you can track your stocks whether the markets are currently closed or if they are open
  • There are also some very detailed stats that you can look at in the app to show you the industry, the competitors, and also the highs and lows of the financial industry
  • You can take your currencies, markets, or any other data that you are interested in and you can have the app graph and compare it to each other. These are great looking graphs and help you analyze better
  • You can also do some research and then track it with the app. Get industry trends, as well as tracking commodities and so much more
  • There is also the portfolio feature from yahoo so that you can get the companies you track and put them on your page quote almost instantly
  • You can also compare different currencies and it is as easy as searching by the country that you are interested in and then it is as good as done!
  • There is a feature called the smart pagination where you can browse through news articles and graphs as well as quotes and stuff
  • You can also use the shake navigation function to be able to shake your phone and bring it back to the home page of the app


This app has gotten fairly favorable ratings considering how many different people have reviewed it. The app has a 3 out of 5 star rating and the other bonus to it is that it is completely free for you to download onto your iPhone.