You Can Be Famous on Periscope

PeriscopeIf you love YouTube and you love Twitter, you’re going to love Periscope. The concept is simple. You open up the Periscope app on your iPhone and then hit the camera icon on the bottom on your screen, second from the right. That’s the “go live” button. Once you’ve clicked that, you’re only a few more moments away from stardom.

To be completely honest, there is absolutely no promise that you’ll become a celebrity overnight by using Periscope, or even at all. That being said, after hitting the “go live” button, you might get a few dozen people right off the bat.

First, just pick a topic, throw in some hashtags (if you want) and decide if you want to send a notification out to your Twitter followers to notify them of your “scope.”

When you have all the settings just the way you’d like them, go ahead and decide whether or not to share your location. The last step before going live is to hit the big red “Start Broadcast” button along the bottom of your screen. Once you do, you’ll be live to the entire world. Depending on the settings you’ve chosen, you should start seeing some live viewers — either from within the Periscope app or from the web.

You’ll know that you have web viewers if you click on the little person icon in the bottom-right, during your scope and see “web viewer(s)” listed under the screen names presented. Web viewers are identified anonymously only because of the fact that they are not logged into Periscope, and therefore, cannot have a screen name associated with themselves. The best and most likely way to attract web viewers is by sharing the link to a Twitter account of yours that has a few hundred or a few thousand followers. If you have 10 or 20 followers, it’s not going to be worth spamming your feed, as the Periscope will be archived by the time they get the notification.

Aside from going live and potentially garnering a few hundred adoring live viewers on a good day, you can also view live Periscope sessions from others taking place all around the world. There happens to be quite a number of scopes live at any time of the day, on each of the populated continents. You probably won’t see anyone scoping from Antarctica very soon, but you never know.

Periscope is also an amazing way to find out about the current news stories. If you are watching the “regular news” on TV and want a different perspective, just open up the Periscope app and try to find someone scoping at the location of the news story. Another excellent way to use Periscope is to enjoy all of the wondrous scenery that Earth has to offer, right from your pocket! Just scroll down the feed and take a look at the preview snapshot until you see one that looks like mother nature at her finest. Click into the scope and enjoy!